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InsideOut’s Garden Buildings Guide

The InsideOut Garden Buildings Guide is written to help you select the right office in the garden, garden room or studio for your home and life style. You have probably read enough on websites and in magazines to know that a garden office is very different from a garden shed or chalet, but perhaps you’re not sure what makes them different or how to choose the best.

This Guide explains about garden office and studio buildings designed for all-year-round work or leisure use, rather than basic summerhouses or sheds that aren’t suitable for winter habitation. The Guide also introduces you to small British businesses that specialise in insulated garden buildings.

A really good garden office studio is a major investment, rather like a new car. And, like buying a car, it’s important to do your homework and ‘test drive’ before you buy. So, our first bit of advice is don’t buy a building on-line without seeing a similar one first.

What do we know about garden offices, rooms and studios?

The InsideOut website belongs to the directors of a small architect’s practice, who spent ten years designing and building garden offices, studios, garden rooms and granny annexes throughout the UK. During that time we, the directors, have become small building experts and are sharing what we’ve learnt so that you, the consumer, are well informed before buying.

An Office in The Garden

Not all living or working accommodation has to be attached to your house. With a small leap of the imagination you can create an office in the garden or studio for work or leisure, to improve your quality of life at home. Investing in the right building will provide lasting benefits.  And bear in mind that quality equals longevity. Or, you get what you pay for!
Garden building in South London

Small buildings design

When you spend hours in a garden office or garden room you don’t want to feel as if you are sitting in a badly insulated shed. The building should be well built and give you the feeling of being outside in your garden at the same time as being inside a comfortable house.

A good quality garden office feels calm, comfortable and healthy to be inside. It should be well insulated so that it consumes minimal amounts of energy and doesn’t get damp.

Look for an insulated office in the garden or garden room constructed with good quality materials; lots of insulation and no draughts. If you have a technical mind find out a little about the structural design and foundation system. Your building is going to be part of your property for a long time and it is important to add an asset, not a liability.

So, please enjoy the website and discover more about how to choose the best garden office, studio or garden room.
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